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Good thinking, Davo.

Kat, the disk speed will have no bearing on the crashing; the instruments / patches will either load or they won't.

Have you tried loading only "small" patches? That said, I can't imagine 4 patches' occupying so much memory (the 16G less whatever DP and your other apps are using) in Omni unless they're Keyscape ones being hosted there, but worth a shot maybe.

Also, try quitting Safari and any other "unnecessary" apps before firing DP up and loading the Omni patches. I had an issue with iZotope that even they couldn't explain, but it was Safari v9 or v10.x, and if it was running, I could never load iZotope plugins in-sequence, only 1, then go to another manufacturer, then back to iZotope.

Upgrading Safari actually fixed this, and I was on Sierra at the time too, which is partly why I'm mentioning it. Again, try disabling all other apps.