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Old 12th June 2018
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Reason 10 MIDI Note Length recording to "0"

Help! I upgraded to the latest Reason and when I record in real time from my Akai MPK88 the MIDI note lengths are all zero.
When I play the keyboard while not recording everything works fine. I hear what I play.
When recording, I hear the note duration I play, but the recorded MIDI duration value of each note is zero.
MIDI in Sonar Platinum records fine, so it's not the keyboard.
Rewiring Reason in Sonar Platinum records fine.

What I have tried:
Rebooted everything many times.
New Reason song, same symptom.
Old Reason files, same.

I am not 100% certain if this is the first time I'm using Reason after the upgrade, but I think it is.