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Old 12th June 2018
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I've had a DMP3 for about 6 years - never had cause to use it until today - why?

Music is not yet a professional pursuit/vocation, so I fell into the opinion expressed by highly respected reviewers (e.g, on Sound on Sound magazine) that there is not that much difference between preamps.

I have a weekly gig - a church meeting, where I play, sing and also run the PA, and have not been satisfied with the Mackie analog mixer in use at the site which has only 50dB gain, and causes me to run the gain to maximum, when using low output dynamic microphones like the Shure SM58.

I thought - hmmmm the DMP3 has over 60dB of gain, so I may not need to push it to the max, yet have enough gain to amplify SM58's "cleanly with minimal distortion" to at least 50 or 55dB gain.

Tried it out today - recorded two sets of vocal takes, one with the stock preamps of my EMU0404USB interface, and the other with the DMP3.

My conclusion - preamps are not equal. There was a certain improvement in clarity with the DMP3, when compared with the EMU audio interface preamps - better definition, more lifelike, believable. Sounds less like a "recording".

God enabling - the DMP3 should get a lot of use, here, going forward.