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Funnily enough, I don't have a USB midi interface that I can use to connect my Roli/PC to the K2000. All the new controllers and synths with their USB inputs have spoiled me . Have ordered one with Amazon and will begin my MPE experiments with Roli in couple of days. Until then, K2000 plays alone.
For some weeks I'm also an owner of the Roli Seaboard.
@ shankzz : Did it work with the K2000?

Also I don't get it why one need a special MPE capable monosynth (eg. Micromonsta). I think every monosynth should work, because there is no poly aftertouch or poly pitch bend or other poly CCs.
The sole "little" problem is to map the 5D (MPE) controller CCs of the Seaboard to "normal" CCs of the monosynth. This can be done in nearly every DAW.

Or without DAW/Computer by a Midi patch bay which can remap CCs.
Eg. iConnectMidi4+ which I use.

For me it's also a little bit strange that on Roli HW the 5D CCs are not simply configurable via Dashboard. I have the feeling that Roli wants that you need to use their SW synths.