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MOTU DP9 crashes when Omnisphere 2 loads

Hello! I would appreciate any advice that might help me solve this problem! I have been troubleshooting for a few days, with no positive outcome so far. Yikes!!

Here is what I have found so far:

Motu DP 9.52 consistently crashes when Omnisphere loads with 4 or more sounds saved to it.
It will load a blank Omnisphere (no sounds loaded in it) ok. But when I add more than 3 sounds to that Omni, it crashes.
I tested DP without the Omni plugin selected in DP preferences, and DP works fine with KONTAKT, audio, etc.. Also tested it with one hour of 7 stereo tracks of audio only, and DP works without a problem.

DP crashes when I try to play back 1 instance of Omni with more than 4 sounds loaded. When I load and audition in Lite mode, it helps, but doesn’t fix the problem.

The DP processing meter spikes to maximum just before it crashes.
Playback meter is normal.

It all worked fine 5 days ago, until it crashed unexpectedly as DP was loading Omni.
I have been working with DP for decades, so am not a newbie.. However, I am not an expert at analyzing the problem when things go wrong.

I think I have all the latest updates except for High Sierra, (and wanted to wait on that if possible.) I ran disk first aid on the hard drive and it shows no problem.

My studio gear has gone to the dark side. Please help me bring it back!

thanks, kat

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
Mac Pro (Early 2009)
Processor 2.66 Ghz 6-Core Xeon
Memory 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR#
MOTU DP 9.52 (64 bit)
Omnisphere version 2.4.2c (64 bit)
Sound sources v.2.0.1c
Omni patches v2.4.0d
Applications and STEAM on the same internal HD with 276GB available
DP9 hardware driver sample rate set to 44100
Buffer size 1024
Work Priority Medium
Have you thought of getting VE Pro? I run it on the same machine as DP, and it is way more stable than running VIs in DP. I’d never go back.