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Smile Funny Cat you’re living my dream. I have hopes of converting a space like that one day. I’m curious to know how you like having your console in the same room being as the room is so big? I’m all in the same room out of necessity but I’ve often wondered if in moving to a more traditional control room/live room setup I might sort of miss the intimacy. On the other hand if the one room is so large that you’re 30 feet from whatever you’re recording anyway, what’s a wall and a door in between. Did you consider two rooms? Just curious to hear some of your thinking behind the decision making.

Oh wait unless that’s why you wanted your wife’s art studio to be in the smaller space. Makes more sense to convert that into a control room later.

Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words and YES on the wifey comment. ;0) Heh!

Yeah it’s taking some getting used to... the mixing in a less intimate space part since I’ve been mixing in small “hyper” treated and almost completely dead control rooms most my life but I’m slowly adjusting. I’m actually starting to think about it less and less as I work. It just feels real good in here, especially once I get the lights dimmed and the incense going, lol.

The mixing area is actually quite dead and the back half of the room still has a little life. Reverb time is really good. Everyone who’s come in so far is quite impressed at how tight the room sounds.

I mostly decided to keep it open bc I like the communication aspect when everyone is in the same relative space. I also didn’t build a dedicated control room bc It was less work for me (I did about 90% of the build myself and started getting exhausted!) and I saved a little on the construction end. I’ve done a couple test sessions and it’s working out great so far! Especially the communication part. :0)