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Using a Mac mini 2011 i7, 8gig RAM, SSD for OS, 002r interface. PT10 with SD2.

I use a TD10 with 8” mesh heads I’ve had for 18 years. Holds up still the but I’m at the point where I need to replace the foam cones inside the mesh heads. They dry out after a decade or so.
With PT set to 128 samples latency, I have no issues triggering SD2 directly when tracking.
I mult SD2 out to aux’s, K, S, HH, TT’s, OH’s and Room and then bounce to multitrack Audio once i’m happy with the drum mix.
TD10 has the worst sounds. Even back in 2000 when I bought it it sounded so dated. They should just make a brain that converts triggers to midi and leave it at that!