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Here for the gear

Geplantes Nichtstun - Rekonfiguration

Amselcom has forever been near the forefront of change, exposing new ideas and giving insight through music and creativity. Our goal was always to bring the world closer by removing barriers and letting sounds and rhythm demonstrate humanity's true, loving nature. That is why a transformation has taken place and with this latest release we hope to give back and contribute without the shallow, meaningless compensation that feeds the music industry.

Geplantes Nichtstun demonstrates this concept perfectly, by saying it is time to remove ourselves from the machine and make our own way, in our own time. These tracks look to offer introspective that can only be found after eliminating barriers like money and fame. Taking time for idleness lets us forget about the things that try and control our lives, a necessary respite in a time of increasing global noise.

Tracks like Opak offer the perfect accompaniment to a quiet time of soulful reflection and Mario Wagner's wonderful Control Room image brings us the idea of self direction and taking charge of your own destiny... one rest at a time.

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