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Which version of Resolve were they using? Fairlight was only introduced in version 14; even then it came with a good amount of post-production tools (mixer, effects, EQ, compression, ability to assign tracks to buses, etc.); version 15 (which is still in beta but stable enough for production work) has additional functionality.

It's important to distinguish between the rudimentary audio tools that you see in the Edit page of Resolve and everything you get on the dedicated Fairlight page. This is one of the features of Resolve: each step of the video production workflow gets its own dedicated page and work area in the app: you have a page for media management, another page dedicated to editing, another for audio (Fairlight), another for coloring, and another for rendering.

You can do basic audio edits (fades, etc.) in the Edit page, but the Fairlight page is where you get all the tools. Details available here:

All of these features are available in the free version of Resolve.
I’m coming from a background in post audio and Pro Tools. The version I am referring to is the latest release. The class simply glazed over the magic of Fairlight so I dug deep into the accompanying book. I didn’t think it was a far shot from any other audio editing tool which comes standard Avid or Premiere. Is it useful for a video editor? Yes. Is it a post audio solution? It’s a prep tool.
I am similar to most Pro Tools users where we want something to give Avid Pro Tools a run for their money.
Point here is, and maybe I should have said it earlier is I was under the impression DaVinci was “the magic bullet” for the Post Production process and while it’s color correction utility is bar-none top of the line I was not impressed or inspired by Fairlight. Like I said earlier I have yet to see an all in one product excell in all areas. I hope they don’t wear themselves out too thin.