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Cool! How do you like the mixer? Which one? Are you using the preamps?
I love the Cooper. I am using it’s preamps. They’re very quiet, and have a monstrous amount of gain. They’re fantastic.

It’s the CS106+1 with the stereo mic-input module. I had it modded at Vark audio to update the direct-outs to fully balanced, as well as modifying it’s PL (private line) comm feature to function as talk-back system to the stage. The Cooper + the SDs & Nagra make for a complete, 8 channel tracking/mixing/talkback session-kit with redundancy that fits into one rolling case (all running on batteries!). In the few years I’ve been using it, it’s helped me hone my live-to-stereo mix to the point where I’ve not had to revisit the multi-channel stems in post for most of the productions I’ve used it on. My only complaint is that it only has a single aux-out (no artificial reverb printed to the mix at the session/concert).

All of this means I carry less to the gig, I don’t have to worry about CPU crashes or power interruptions, and I don’t have to spend time remixing in post (linear faders are so much better than rotary for me. I’m humbled and shocked how some location film engineers could mix so well with them). This system has allowed me to provide a lower-cost option to clients on a budget. It saves on freight, and post-production costs, but still has incredible audio fidelity.