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Couple of corrections/amendments:

I don't really understand these points. Why can't you take them on the road? Everyone else does! One of the best things about UAD plugs for me is that I can set up and mix in any studio, with my rig.
I guess I can clarify that. Yes, of course you can take them from one studio to another.
But it's no fun working with UAD if you are actually on the road. Can't work outdoors, on planes or tourbusses, hassle to work in hotels... Especially if you're a writing producers/artist you wanna be able to open your Laptop and work on the session wherever and whenever you're inspired. Even an iLok can be frustrating but as least it's small and doesn't need external power supply.
Lets say Mixing Engineer on the road = UAD ok
Artist/Producer on the road = UAD not ok