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Hmm yes this is what I'm thinking - Quantum 2 seems to have a lot going for it - but i'm also wary - it's almost too good to be true? Where is it's downsides? Does it have all of the features but skimp on quality somewhere? This is what I'm thinking....?!

I haven't found any downsides, I just set everything up in my daw and it works great, it's built well and feels good, as I said in this thread

The Quantum sounds clear and wide and deep it is very good, the HP is better than the Apollo but still could be better IMO and DA could also be better but in the end it's still very good and I'm very happy, and I'm very fussy and used to very high-end units, the AD is very good and the Preamps are nice, the guitar inputs are very good, I guess if you can't record and mix great-sounding tracks with this then you won't with anything.