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Old 30th May 2018
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Apollo Twin Vs The World

Hey guys,

I think I must have read all of the 'vs' discussions on here but I'm still not quite sure.

I have an Apollo Twin MkII sitting on my desk at the moment (with plastic wrapping still on it) and have been trying it for the last few days. I bought it from the shop by the recommendation of the guy in there - I was previous to this weighing up the Clarett 2 pre (and 4 pre) and Babyface Pro.

My needs will be pretty varied. I make in the box type music, with live layered into it often. I like to travel bringing laptop with me and producing things on the fly.

I think it's brilliant, like all of the reviews are mentioning, but there are some points that are nagging at me:

1. Mic I/O will 'top' out at 10, if I was to expand via SPDIF, and even then can only record at 44.1 - I'm moving to a studio imminently and I'd like what I buy now to be future proof - my worry is i'll need to invest another $2000 to get the 8 more mic 'ins' for when 3 mics or more are used that actually wouldn't be used all that much anyway.

2. Interfaces like the Presonus Quantum 2 have 4 mic ins which will allow me to go longer without needing to get an additional rack for the twin also this is much better for location recording (where typically a stereo pair, and one or two spot mics is a convenient setup)

3. The twin's plugins are what we all buy them for - right? But I dunno, sure they sound good, but I also think that being tied to an ecosystem feels a little strange to me - esp if I was producing some of the records I make on the go.....perhaps once my studio is built up a little more I can get a satellite if I really want to take the Universal Audio plunge? That way I don't have a proprietary system defining my future purchases? But as a 'starter pack' I'm wondering whether it's the right move?

4. Little features like talkback mic, and general control-room suitability obviously lean towards the Apollo Twin.

So - I guess what my question is, as I become more experienced, will I learn to love the UA Twin with it's plugins, or should I take it back and go for the PreSonus Quantum 2, which gives me the much fuller feature set? Issue is I know it's not just about comparing features in the world of sound - what I want is the thing that gives me THE BEST sound and futureproof-ness moving forward.

The digital to analog converter for monitors is also particularly key here - it will be my workhorse for the next year (I want it to last 12 months before needing to build things out realistically).

Any light you have to shed on this tricky subject would be very much well received!

Many thanks,