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I own a maag eq4m and used to have a michaelangelo. If things were different at the time I would still have the michaelangelo but I was getting a lot of electronic mixing and mastering work and it was just too soft on the mix bus. Now I’m working on everything genre wise and wish I had it everyday! They are both are amazing and are just two different tools. As far as tube gear goes the michaelangelo is top notch and beautiful. It’s not too colored when conservative (but always leaves its mark) and being able to push into it with the aggression knob is genius. Very usable tube goo. Really easy to overdo though if that’s even possible. Very nice air band but stuck in the one position on my model.

The maag is just so versitile and bends things to your will with a minimal footprint. It’s my perfect balance between an over the top clean mastering eq and a pure tone shaper for me. Being able to reduce the 2.5 kHz shelf and boost up with the air band around 5-15khz depending on the material is priceless for taming the harshness region. The switchable air band really is something else.

The are both very sexy with their own unique and applicable “tricks”. We will always just want it all.

That’s cool to hear about the purples. I’ll have to check those out.