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They can be clocked together.

Here's from the Masterlink manual: "This allows the ML-9600 to operate as a clock slave in an all-digital setup. Caution must be used, however, as all audio playback while in digital input mode will be at the incoming clock rate, despite the rate at which the audio was recorded. For instance, if audio is recorded at 96kHz to the hard drive, and then the unit is placed in digital input mode with the incoming sample rate at 48kHz, that recorded audio will play at _ play speed".

And from the Matrix (mk2 though, but I think it's the same with mk1): "Matrix has one stereo digital output which feeds both AES/EBU and S/PDIF connections on the desk’s rear panel. This output is controlled by the Digital I/O area of the centre section, located immediately below the MIX bus master. If a digital input is connected, then Matrix will lock its internal clock to it. The LED in the top
right corner of the Digital I/O area, labelled ADC LOCK, lights to indicate that the desk is locked to the incoming signal.

The digital output can be sourced from the MIX bus,REC bus, or from the monitor signal (pre-monitor level). The SOURCE button cycles through these options, and LEDs to the right of the button indicate which source is selected. If there is an incoming digital signal, the output will replicate its sample rate. If no digital input is detected the output sample rate will default to 48kHz".

EDIT: Or do you mean by an external dedicated clock with BNC-connection?