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The issue is you're playing guitar through what's essentially a Hi Fi system. Most guitar type echo/reverb units are voiced for a guitar amps which produce allot of midrange and practically no top end at all. Running a voice through that kind of unit connected to a PA Typically produces telephone type resonances and are often way too noisy on the top end. You may come across a digital unit that's quiet enough but you may wind up going through allot of units to find one that even comes close to working.

My advice is, use a unit designed for vocals. You're already adapting your guitar's tone to go through a PA and because the guitar "Backs" the vocals you'd want the vocals to sound their best in all cases so to me this is a no brainer. Get yourself something like an Alesis, or Lexicon echo/reverb unit and stick it in the PA's effects loop and dial up what you need for the vocals and guitar. This is how its done when running live sound and whether the guitar is direct or coming from a miced amp is immaterial.

If you want to use a secondary echo/reverb unit for the guitar then that's your choice. You can buy all kinds of multieffects units which can not only provide you the reverbs you want but they can also add any or all the other effects you'd typically feed a guitar amp including amp head and cab modeling unique to guitar and designed for DI use. I use a simple Vox Stomplab 1G pedal when I jam with my buddies and don't feel like hauling an amp. The PA has its own effects which we dial up to make the vocals sound good. I wouldn't dream of running the vocals through a guitar effect because I been there and done it and know the results are garbage.
For once we agree, mostly, anyway. There are a few guitar effects I've used on vocals, primarily the original (tape) Roland Space Echo (I've also used the Boss pedal - it's usable in noncritical situations but clearly inferior to the real thing) but there are very few. The only current one that comes to mind is the H9 Harmonizer. What I generally use in club PA systems are an old Roland SDE-1000 delay and an Alesis microverb. Both do a good job and are available dirt cheap on the used market. In the studio I use a Lexicon PCM-90 and..... a Roland SDE-1000.