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Hi again Elliot,

So I've done as much reading and watching on the products as possible, which is pretty much everything that's out there

Me personally, I'm sold on the R8.

But people I've spoken to have raised the same concerns as others about how it's possible to achieve the standard being talked about (Prism quality conversion, Antelope quality clock etc), at this price point.

If it sounds too good to be true etc.

Buying just the converters, 8 slot rack and clock at the same purported quality would come to around 6 or 7 grand in GBP.

So to get all that, plus a summing mixer, and monitor controller, and interface, for between £1,000 - £1,300 - I mean, you can obviously see how that looks.

Here is my take on it, and I'd be interested to hear your thoughts:

You are 5, young, idealistic (in a good way!) and very talented people that have been chomping at the bit working for large and respected companies, however those companies have the kinds of overheads and demand the kinds of operating margins that you as a small group of people don't need to adhere to.

I'm quite sure that as you grow, you will fall into the same corporate trap, essentially because it's almost impossible not to, especially if you float the company.

But for now, I see this as an opportunity to get a unique product that we'll probably never see at this kind of price point again, not with the same quality of feature set and components anyway.

Corners still have to be cut to achieve the retail price you're going for though, so where would you say the trade-offs were in the R8?
These will be manufactured in the UK, so it's obviously not a case of 'stack 'em high, sell 'em cheap' re pricing strategy.

Price-wise, are we still on target for the earlier projection?

US retail price at 1,400 USD for the R8, and adding the max 20% VAT rate brings us to about £1,250, which is where I assume you get the 1200-1300 GBP figure you stated earlier.

Now, I'm already clearing some credit card balance to make room for this in a month or two, but it would leave a seriously bad taste in my mouth if I realised that Americans (no offense Americans!) were buying a product made in my home town (London) for hundreds of pounds cheaper than I was able to, so I really hope that those of us native to where it is being made don't end up paying a premium.