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Yes and she and her sister are in multiple places on the cassette so I have to hunt and listen to the whole %^&*($% cassette. Luckily it is not that long.

Clients assume that it is easier for me to do it than for them.

FYI she does not have a cassette deck.
Then explain that she's paying for time, and how the time will be spent. The explaining, of course, counts as time you've spent on the job, so you're already screwed. :-)

If she's only got so much money and you'll either pry it out of her or not, maybe she can sweeten the deal. Bake you a plate of cookies or something.

When I was a paperboy, the minister an the local Holy Roller church would pay me with produce, which was bulky but great. Another gentleman tried that, too, with a couple squirrels he had poached from the Catholic Diocese woodlot. I begged off, explaining that while fresh game is always a treat, my mom would make me skin and clean it myself.

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