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Old 23rd May 2018
Here for the gear

So, I am experiencing some latency issues when recording and I was told to lower the Hardware Buffer Size in Protools 12. The issue is, the only choice I have for the buffer size is 1028 and cannot lower it in PT.

I did some research and Sweetwater gave this answer on their website in regards to the Antelope Zen Tour and Protools.

"The buffer size that you can select inside of your DAW depends entirely on what USB Streaming Mode has been selected inside the Antelope Control Panel. For example:
selecting SAFE as the USB Streaming mode in the Antelope Control Panel will set the Buffer Size in your DAW to 512 and lower buffer sizes may not appear. If you prefer lower buffer sizes, you may want to try selecting RELAXED as the USB Steaming mode."

My question is, how do I change the USB Streaming Mode of my Antelope Zen Tour to "Relaxed", as they noted? I am having issues locating it anywhere through the interface. Please be as detailed as you can and.....thank you!!