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Old 21st May 2018
Here for the gear

I realize this thread is ANCIENT, but I just recently "repaired" my Audity 2k that was experiencing the same issue... I thought I shed some light on my dilema and the fix(es)...

First off, as many of you have done, I replaced the NVRAM battery (not exactly the easiest task, since Walgreens and CVS don't carry the litium battery used.. I had to locate and order a BR2335 battery from online - not horrible, but not easy and quick...)

Once that was done, I decided the next step was to try to upload the v2.01 firmware - This is the part where I lucked out... I managed to have squirrelled away an old WinXP PC that I could use with the EMU E-Loader 1.1 software. With the WinXP OS, the E-Mu loader software and manual, and an EMU 1x1 USB-to-Midi cable in my hands, I was able to revive the old girl.

Pro Tip: Make sure that when you start up the Audity 2k, that you follow the instructions and boot it by holding down the Clock+Enter buttons...

All that being said, your Audity must already be on v2.0 or v2.01 before you are able to re-load the firmware. From what I understand, v1.0 doesn't have the ability to be upgraded or over-written like v2.x can. If you are unsure what version you are currently on, you can hold down the Clock+Save buttons during power up and you should be able to verify the firmware version.

If you aren't lucky enough to still have a WinXP PC, if you search in the right dark-corners of the internet, you should be able to find install disks or virtual versions that can be loaded and used with VirtualBox.

I hope that helps a little or at leaast gives some trepid techy souls a little hope.