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Old 21st May 2018
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I still use hardware. I've never heard a software comp give me what it is that I love about my favorite hardware. Same reason I still use analog synths. I haven't heard a VST that can come close to what analog synths can do.

Everyone's ears are different. For some people it won't matter. For some people it will matter. For some they can hear the difference but they might or might not care and for some they can't hear a difference and might or might not care. In the end just go with what your ears tell you and what you like. That's what I've done and it's served me well.

Go with whatever your gut tells you and get back to work. Any choice is a good one as long as it keeps you away from the rabbit hole of testing and measuring all kinds of gear, synths, hardware, plugs, and vsts and basically wasting your time and life instead of producing output. People always want a concrete answer..."Is X better than Y?" You can't answer that. All people are different in relation to their ears, talent, ability, what's important to them, etc. There can't be one singular answer.

In the end maybe you're the kind of person who's fine with software compression. That's OK. Maybe I'm not. That's OK, too. Maybe you're the kind of person who thinks a VST sounds identical to an analog. That's fine. Maybe I'm not. That's OK, too. Neither one of us is superior. Neither one of us is inferior. What it means is that both of us have chosen tools that we're comfortable and confident in and no longer have a need to second guess, or be concerned or distracted. Because in the end, no one cares about what tools you chose. All they care about is the quality of your output.

Choosing a tool you believe in, whether it's hardware or software is solely for our own peace of mind.