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Unofficial Acustica Master List as of June 2018

(newest updates are Water, Cream and the Lemon List link. Three discontinued acquas were added for posterity. (Thanks @ceejay)

Numbers in parenthesis indicate their Core engine version. For those aquas without version numbers, assume Core6 or below.

Amber (7) - Avalon AD2055 equalizer
Amethyst (10) - EQ A: Amek clone EQ, EQ B: Amek 9098r + Amek 9098 compressor + Amek 2500 & 9098 preamp options. Rupert Neve designed gear. 9098 has a smooth RND - 33609'ish flavor. (thanks @Will The Weirdo)
Aquamarine (8) - Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (formerly the Murano)
Azure (11) - Knif Soma Mastering EQ. Preamp is mastering engineer Zino Mikorey's signal path with the Soma hardware.
Blue - Chandler Germanium Tone Control

Cobalt (10) -Acustica's first dynamic equalizer. Dynamic function is switchable. Officially endorsed by the hardware maker, Luca Martegani. LM 9736 equalizer (improvement upon the Pultec EQP-1a) and the LM 9804 Compressor (Altec Lansing Feedback Compressor improvement).
Coral (9) - A hybrid mastering strip featuring an elliptical filter, transparent equalizer and a soft clipping compressor. SPL Iron mastering compressor and SPL PQ mastering equalizer inspired.
Cream (12) - EMI TG12345 solid state EQ (gray plate), "homebrew" tube EQ (green plate), EMI RS124 (tube), EMI TG12345 MKIV Compressor (solid state), EMI TG12345 MKII and MKIV consoles, EMI BTR2 and EMI TR-90.
Crimson (11) - Vertigo Sound VSM-2 harmonics generator. Also Vertigo Sound VSC-2 compressor with added Asym (even harmonics) feature. This is Acustica's first featured dynamic saturation/distortion plugin.
D361A - Dolby D361A, AlexB sampling. (discontinued)

Diamond Color EQ (12) - Endorsed by Luca Pretolesi. Based on a CharterOak PEQ-1 and some other hardware. (thanks @Viking4)
Diamond Lift (11) - Endorsed by Luca Pretolesi. Saturation, EQ, compression and clipper channel strip. Combines a number of rack hardware including the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter & EQ 232P Mastering EQ. Maybe the Pendulum PL-2. Saturation is a combination of two preamps.
Compressor Modes 1 Thick vaccuum tube, 2 Glue-like, 3. Snappy/aggressive
Clipper Modes 1, Mix of soft/hard clipping. 2, Softer knee than Mode 1. 3, Unfolding, hardware-like hard clipping.
Thanks @PhelixK and YouTube for the info.

Ebony (10) - Elektromesstecknik (EMT) 140 Plate Reverb.
• E111 equalizer: EMT 111 console EQ
• E411 equalizer: EMT 411 console EQ
• E82 equalizer: Eela broadcast 82 console EQ
• D112: EMT 111 console compressor (emulation of the compressor module included in a rare mixing console built in ‘70 by German company. The original design of the desk was simple (in a good way), making it easier to maintain / modify.)
• D277: EMT compressor/limiter 277 (a rare compressor, fairly transparent sound of many ‘70s and early ‘80s records.It’s characterized by a good line preamp inside.)
• D473: Neumann U473 or U473a compressor.
• D82: Eela broadcast 82 console EQ (Compressor module emulation of a rare/vintage Dutch “heavy duty” mixing desk.The company founded in 1975 is recognized as one of the companies who has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing and supplying professional audio products to the Radio Broadcast Industry.)
• Filters E118 are recreated and modeled after EMT filters 118
• Preamps: E111, E411, D112, D277, D82/S (stereo), D473/S Thank you Will the Weirdo for filling in the Ebony gaps...this one was tough!

Emerald (7) - Custom built hardware, loosely inspired by the Klein & Hummel UE 1000 equalizer. The curves practically have the same unique slope as the UE-1000, but the center frequencies are different and the active part of the circuit is more modern/cleaner
Gold (9 with Ultramatch/sync) - 4 Neve equalizers (1066, 33122, a homebrew DIY 1073 clone and an EMI-Neve 1093 which is a 1081 with Marinair transformers) and 2 Neve compressors (2252 and 2254). Neve console inputs/outputs. Plus a variety of tube preamps. The 8254 pre emulation includes a Neve 1272 line amp. 1960s/early 70s era hardware.
Green (7)- George Massenburg Labs Model 8200 equalizer aka GML8200
Honey (7) - 1970s era Harrison 32C equalizer + Harrison console preamp
Ivory (10) - Maselec MEA-2 equalizer (IAE2, year 2017 model), Maselec MLA-4 (Mac-3, multiband compressor/limiter), COMP 1B is a single band derivative of the MLA-4, DynEQ is a dynamic eq derived from MEA-2 & Comp 1B and DynEQ Stereo is a dynamic eq derived from IVORY3 STEREO and
Comp 1B.

Lemon (11) - The first Acqua delay. Features a huge collection of saturation flavors. See full list at Acustica audio acqua plugins general discussion. It is the first Acqua to use Core 11 technology.
Lime (9 with Ultrasync/match) - A combination of modern AMS Neve gear. A = VR B = 88RS. C/D = 8051 5.1 Surround Compressor/Limiter E = FJ V Series Channel Strip Preamp F is a Neve 1073.
Magenta (7) - Manley Labs Massive Passive equalizer
Murano - Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (now called Aquamarine)
Navy (7) - 2000s era Neve 1073 reissue preamp. Neve 1081 EQ reissue circuit. Unknown Neve console line outputs.

Ochre - Free Acustica Audio homebrew equalizer, inspired by the Scientific Audio Electronics (SAE) 2800 equalizer. Features a bridged-T topology (like a Sontec 432), modern opamps and a Sowter output transformer.
Orange - Orban 672A
Pearl (9 with Ultramatch/sync)- Siemens ELA 75-15 Universal Equalizer and Auso-Siemens ELA 75-16 Compressor/Limiter. Just like the hardware, sales for this plugin are limited. The closest plugin to this that is for sale without limitation is the Emerald, as this was Siemens' response to the UE100/UE1000 mastering equalizers.
Pink (12) -
• EQs: Based on API 550a (A), 550b (B), 5500 (C), 560 (780/PEQ) and CAPI LC53A (D) but have continuous gain and constant Q (bandwidth) options.
• Compressors: API 2500 (strip) and modified 2500 with crossover filters from TubeTech SMC 2B, Masalec MLA-3/4 and a custom filter by Acustica (2412/7236).
• Preamps (1-8): API 512, 550b EQ, 2500 compressor, distorted API 512c clone, API 312 (maybe), API 312 homebrew (maybe), CAPI VP28 and CAPI LC53A EQ.
Purple P-1 (8) - Pultec EQP-1A

Purple M-5 (8) - Pultec MEQ-5
Red - Free plugin. Joemeek VC5 Meequalizer
Ruby (12) - Officially licensed D. W. Fearn VT-4 and VT-5 equalizers.
Sand (9 with Ultrasync) - Solid State Logic 4000 G+ (Ea, black knob) and 5000 (Eb, brown knob) equalizer + SSL G Series Master Buss compressors (2 flavors)
Scarlet MHE-400 (8) - Homebrew Sontec 432 inspired (close to the original, cleaner sounding)

Silk EQ - Siemens W295b, Tim Petherick sampling. (discontinued)
Tan (8) - IGS Audio Multicore Compressor (one band)
Titanium (9 with Ultramatch) - Tube-Tech SMC 2B Multiband Compressor
Trinity EQ - Altec Interface Console EQ, AlexB sampling. (discontinued)
Ultramarine (9) - Fairchild 670

Versatile - A hybrid between Amber and Green
Water (12) - WSW (division of Siemens) Compressor/Limiter model 601430S with mods (use PRE3). 1968 vintage. WSW 436511 solid state passive equalizer, also with modifications (use PRE1 for mono or PRE2 for stereo emulation). 1961 vintage. Non-specified hardware modeled clipper.
White (8) - White Sound Mastering WSM PEQ-2.0 (solid state equalizer inspired by the Pultec EQP-1A)

Prime Studio Plugins (powered by Acustica Audio acqua)

Found at Prime Studio(R) - Plug-ins (before sure to switch the language to English on the top right side)

(thanks @Avgatzeblouz for the following information)

Black Series
Black EQ - Apparently a mixture of several devices (guesses : Neve 2068 and/or Neve 1077)
Black Comp - Again, could be a mixture, but smells a lot like a Neve 32264a or Neve 83065, with the addon of different attack times if it is the 32264a, and the lack of 3 release times (100ms and Auto 1&2)
- Black limiter : The limiter section of the 32264a or 83065, or a mixture of both.

Caribou Series - Elements from the Neve 8016 console (previously owned by Caribou ranch):
- Caribou Mix : Neve 1064 input + output stage + Eq
- Caribou Filter : Hi pass + Low pass filters + Input stage (preamp) of the Caribou Mix
- Caribou comp : Neve 2254/A pair of compressors from the same console.

Charly - Tube-Tech SSA 2B Stereo summing amplifier (thanks @BearOnGuitar )

Hubbard Squash - Possibly a GML Nova Research Series 7000 Preamp / EQ Module. Very hard to figure out.

Sparkle Series - All elements from an EMI TG 12345 Mark IV/Q console :
- Prime Curve : Eq
- Prime Comp : Compressor
- Prime Mix : input + output stage of 6 different channels (includes Hipass filter and bass Eq)

Acustica Acqua Core Engine Descriptions

Core7: First released with Navy in October 2015. Major CPU and RAM usage enhancements. Zero latency plugins made possible.

Core8: First released with Amethyst and Pink in April 2016. Further computer performance enhancement and major compressor behavior progress. ShMod feature introduced with Pink2412.

Core9: First released with Sand in September 2016. Introduced Ultrasync technology for the equalizers (error minimization) along with internal routing controls. AAX performance enhancements. Since Titanium2's December 2016 release, compressors have Ultramatch technology. Ultramatch minimizes digital compression curves errors

Core10 (aka Core X): Cobalt was the first to officially receive the Core X engine. It provides faster compression timings for more accurate hardware emulation. A multi-input system. CPU savings with a blending algorithm that reduces the number of instances. The plug-in signal no longer exceeds +3 dB.
There's also a new hard clipping algorithm.

Core11: - Introduction of new Delay and Pre-delay modules.
- Implementation of High Efficiency Symmetric & Asymmetric Saturation Modeling (SASM), a high performance saturation algorithm/harmonic distortion modeling characterized by a significantly smaller number of digital artifacts.

Core12: - Released March 2018 with PINK2. Features:

• Upgraded SASM (Symmetric & Asymmetric Saturation Modeling) high performance saturation algorithm;

• Introduction of a new post-production sample de-noising tech for cleaner deconvolved impulses called STT (Super transient technology);

• Full compatibility with Client/Server architecture integrated by default in Acqua plugins;

• Engine optimization introducing a new highly efficient algorithm. This innovative technique is applied to all the deconvolved impulses for further de-noise processing and subsequent elimination of any incorrect low-level behavior (including the so-called "echo bug").

For more Core information visit Acustica Audio - Professional Audio Software - Acustica Audio .

Giancarlo's post has more technical details about the Core engines:

List of Acqua PDF Manuals

What are acqua preamps and how do they function with EQ/compressors?

How does SHmod work?

SASM Explained

I probably made a few mistakes. Feel free to copy/paste and correct! The vast majority of these are user speculation and have never officially been verified by Acustica Audio.

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