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I thought it was a given that it was the characteristics of an analogue signal path that we liked, ie harmonic distortion of preamps and consoles plus the top end roll off and low freq bump of tape.
That sound is pleasing, which is why UAD and others go to great lengths to recreate it.
But it's an aesthetic, not an indicator of fidelity or general quality.

Seems the preference for analogue as a quality statement in general is mainly amongst the die-hards/sentimentals and the slightly misguided hipster types.
That is a generalisation in itself, so apologies in advance

I've been practising mixing a track and had a C1 SSL 4000E strip on every channel, but for a couple of tracks just turning it off gave me that bit extra clarity I wanted for those sounds.
Digital gives us a pristine canvas that we can sculpt into an analogue or digital aesthetic, or a combination of the two.
If I'm striving for a rich analogue sound though, and I've got a UAD Massive Passive and a 33609 on the mixbus, why wouldn't I want the hardware on there instead?
The software is just trying to mimic the unit that already does it perfectly.
But do I need all my processing to be analogue? No.
Do I want to be always having to mix into a recording medium that will saturate and compress?