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I've been wondering for awhile why most of us prefer the sound of analog gear
'most of us'? And how do you know that? From reading Gearslutz?
Go hang out with some classical musicians or jazzers. The biggest problem with your question - and no doubt the next 100 pages of raging bulls#!t this thread will generate - is the implicit and unwarranted assumption that "everybody" prefers analog, just because you and your friends do.

The weak qualifier "generally speaking" does not let you off the hook. You are still making a 'general' assumption that is narrow and parochial. After all, the audio boards host threads of people running their audio through cassette decks to get that "tape mojo" It is not the whole world. Your sample size is too small. Unless you can prove your contention (and I would say that would require you to survey isolated natives deep in the rainforests, as well as city-dwelling internet-using rockers) The only meaningful question you can ask is: why do YOU prefer it?

I've considered whether there is something innate in human biology that makes us prefer analog,
Yet isn't it odd that the people who play classical music - the people who spend all day listening to music that comes off of real unamplified acoustic instruments in a real space overwhelmingly prefer digital?? Are these people deaf? Are they inferior musicians? Are they idiots ? Perhaps the people who spend all day listening to music that comes out of a speaker - like electric guitars - seem to prefer analog. But are they the only musicians whose "human biology" counts?

My classical clients get pissed off if I even add a little compression. They want to hear every last dB of dynamic range. Imagine gain riding a classical song (which, because of the hiss, is what people often did before digital). Then again, imagine making a rock record with zero compression, zero saturation. It's style, fashion, taste.

Innate? How can that be? Unless the same DNA that makes them like classical music warps their hearing as well? Freaks of nature. The poor dears. Is there an innate preference for vanilla ice cream over chocolate? I think there is, because I sure prefer vanilla.

I've noticed young people, who've grown up in the world of digital, are way more tolerant of what plenty of musicians would find offensive.
There you go again! What musicians? All musicians? Certainly not classical musicians. Not most jazz players that I have worked with. And I have worked with a lot. Not even plenty of folk, ethnic, bluegrass and rock players in the modern era. I have also met a lot of people who don't give a rat's ass one way or the other.

"Tolerant" is a pretty loaded word as well. . One might tolerate an abusive relationship, or his neighbor's drum practicing or a powerful antibiotic. The choice of that word presumes that there is something inherently "wrong" with music that sounds clear! I guess these 21st-century mutant children have evolved an "immunity" to it.

I've even seen some younger people prefer digital sounding tracks and describe them as more "clear" or "real" while I would probably label them "harsh" or "sterile".
Even prefer it? Must be brain damage from too much cell phone radiation.