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"People (the brain) will accept 24fps with zero dithering as "fluid motion", but for some reason 24 bit depth and 48,000 samples per second (more than twice the frequency any human can hear), a reconstruction filter with a low pass element and dither (noise) to round off those 48k "steps" resulting in an exact replica of the audio signal that went in coming out the other end (verifiable on any oscilloscope, digital or analog) - for some reason, all that engineering isn't "good enough"."

The eye is much easier to fool than the ear. Harmonics man. There are no harmonics with light. One can go in a create a digital picture of anything pixel by pixel and fool the human eye. Not true with a human ear. We can still tell a real orchestra from one made of synths. If we care or not is another matter. The best delivery methods is yet another matter too.

Good movies use very good camera lens, and orchestra's are recorded with really good mic's. Quality results are created with quality capture. How things are delivered is another matter once compiled (visual or sound). Mixing is where the bar is moving. Yes new unique tools are available in the digital world and should be taken advantage of. But the basics like compression and EQ still sound better in the analog word to me.