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What "sounds better" is subjective.

I also don't know of any empirical data suggesting people "prefer analog".

Ironic, the example of film:

People (the brain) will accept 24fps with zero dithering as "fluid motion", but for some reason 24 bit depth and 48,000 samples per second (more than twice the frequency any human can hear), a reconstruction filter with a low pass element and dither (noise) to round off those 48k "steps" resulting in an exact replica of the audio signal that went in coming out the other end (verifiable on any oscilloscope, digital or analog) - for some reason, all that engineering isn't "good enough".

Instead, we have to go back and make the case for a process where particles on a piece of plastic are arranged by magnetism to point in a certain direction, then decoded by scraping the plastic (and removing/rearranging those particles with each pass) with a "playback head" resulting in high noise floors, distortion, and overall lower fidelity (and even worse for vinyl) as the bee's knee's.

It's astounding to me, I can only imagine many people of my generation (in our 60's) have so little hearing left, they actually believe there's intrinsically better sound buried within all the noise, wow and flutter.

I bought my first CD player in 1987, and never looked back.

To each his own, however - so whatever floats your boat.