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There is no biological imperative in preferring the frequency response curve and saturation of magnetic particle tape; rather, it's a combination of (i) each generation tends to prefer the music they grew up on, so changes in technology have accompanied the change in musical taste that takes place, without fail, with each changing of the guard; (ii) yeah, early DA conversion wasn't as good as it is today, but 95% of people listening on their car radio didn't notice, and didn't care. Case in point: Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms", recorded more than 30 years ago, was one of the first major releases that was stamped "DDD" (digitally recorded, mixed, and mastered). Their best selling album by far; the biggest selling CD by a long margin at that time; a certain generation of Brits to this day greatly prefer Making Movies, but it has nothing to do with the medium, and everything to do with the aesthetic.

(Remember also that there were plenty of those who opined that the introduction of sound in movies was a gimmick.)

So, cast one vote for: it's generational, not biological.