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I don't like the terms people throw around like "sterile" or "warm" or "fat" etc. I'm a huge proponent of both analog and digital, for different reasons. Most of what people consider as warm, is an underlying subtle noise, or perhaps a "rolling off" if you will, of higher end.

I, honestly, think that high resolution digital is better really. BUT, I consider analog to have, an almost "effect" that is hard to replicate in digital. People think digital is sterile, but I think that's because they're used to the "effect" of analog.

Of course, i'm really just speaking from my own experience, so...don't climb on top of me for this, I'm not a scientist.

I have a reel to reel and a (old considering) pro tools Mix system. I intermingle these things together because, A - I love playing with gear and experimenting, and B - it's just MORE tools for me to use.

But, to your question about "learned response"...maybe? There's something called confirmation bias...and it exists for not only political stand points, but opinions in both audio and video. It's funny...when you hear or read about people that just assume a picture is better because it was taken with 35mm. But, in a blind test, could an average person tell?