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Thanks for the reply Matt. I've heard similar things about the Rode NT1 being harsh in the highs, though I've always had good results on my voice and acoustic guitar. I preferred the Rode to a Neumann TLM-103 on my vocals at home. I don't have much experience with other condensers, but I had the chance to sing though either a u67 or u87 at a pro studio once which sounded great.

I'm recording singer-songwriter material which covers a variety of styles, but the instruments and production most closely resemble John Mayer and Jason Mraz for reference. I've been a musician and home studio recording engineer for 10 years.
As a musician, you're going to prefer the sound of the Neve. On top of that, your mix will go to the mastering studio sounding more like a record. If you really want to kick it up a notch, buy a used Presonus ADL 600 tube preamp, record, and send the mix off to the mastering studio.