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Old 18th May 2018
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Reverb pedal for Vocals and Guitar?

Hi. I have an EV PA system and a Mackie mixer that is very clean and full range. I go direct with my Telecaster and vocal mic into the mixer. I want to add reverb in the loop and I would also like a modest delay for that Mike Stern jazz style single note lead. I was going to buy a TC Hall Of Fame Reverb mini (beautiful sound) but then I noticed the EHX Canyon has a plate “Verb” and delay setting combination. I am thinking I could get the best of both worlds with just the one Canyon pedal. Would the Canyon plate “Verb” set to 3 ms be appropriate for a both guitar and my vocal in my mixer aux effects loop? I play blues and jazz, Latin, Beatles, B.B King and funk. No hard rock really. I am also considering adding a Roland Blues Driver for that guitar
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