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I know the room was here long before but I stand by what I said. It's now Red Room London aka Phillipe Weiss room. Red room paris is no longer listed in Milocco website from what I could find.
If you want more inside here a couple of link:

Seeing Red: The Making of the Best Mix Room in London

It’s just a commercial mix room. It’s not Weiss’s room, he just owns some of the gear. But that’s beside the point.

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I'm sure the site is a good resource, I'm also sure Miloco does not list every studio in Paris or is it as up to date on the state of affairs as the people who live and work in the city the OP hasn't even checked back in to help guide the process.

Having people just throw out a bunch of studio names with no specifics (because no specific info was given) is akin to blindly choosing a facility off the internet and I thought the idea of asking here was to get suggestions based on some level of inside/intimate knowledge of the facility.
I worked for Miloco for many years. When they take a place on, they do their research. Any studio on their site is verified as a quality place. I’d trust their judgement as if it were a colleague. Not meant to be exhaustive - just a suggestion as to a resource.

I thought there was enough initial info to make suggestions, and with the OP being a mod I’m guessing he’ll be back..