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Just to be clear to all reading this. Neighboring Rights ARE NOT royalties for composers or songwriters. A film Composer or a Songwriter are NOT entitled to any NR Royalties.

ONLY the featured artist performing the musical work and the secondary musicians performing the musical work are entitled to NR Royalties.
I'm aware of that , as I wrote in my original answer to John in the beginning of this discussion .
My fault , in my last post I should have been using the terms "composers who perform (on) their own compostions's recordings / songwriters who perform (on) their own composition's recordings" .

I have to add that in some territories you get NR for being the musical director for a recording , too :

So , when writing scoremusic for TV , I can get NR royalties through my NR Organisation for both being the musical director for the recording AND for being an instrumentalist performing on the recording , if this is the case.
This is at least true/possible in some (european) territories.

If I am however the main artist - let's say for a solo piano piece - or featured artist , I can only receive those NR royalties , but cannot receive NR royalties for being a musical director .

Of course all this has to be mentioned / laid down in my (composer) contract , which I can send later to my NR Organization as a proof / for verification .