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A doctor used a syringe to clean out my ears a few years ago. I had to use EarClear (a wax removal, it was an oily substance, and I had to put it in my ears for a couple of days for it to work). My ears have been trouble-free since.

But since then I've been developing these tiny 'floaties' in my left eye's field of vision. They're like tiny black blurry spots, annoying nonetheless. I started with one and now 5 years later there are four of them. Occasionally every now and again I get a tiny twinkle in my left eye's field of vision, it's like a tiny star that flashes once and then disappears, only lasts a mere fraction of a second. Intriguing. Not sure what that means. Would love to find out.

First I am older and as someone who has to regularly deal with ear wax
#1 do not allow a doctor to use a hypodermic type syringe or vacuum, they can be dangerous (if misused ) and they are totally unnecessary.
I use warm water and a rubber ball type ear syringe to flush (not inject a high pressure stream) and I also some times use an oil product called Miracell and warm water and rubber syringe

Just a word of advice on "Floaties" get them checked by and eye doctor Because depending on the kind of floatie (especially fuzzy opaque black, grey, or brownish, spots ) they "Can" be an indication arterial plaque and indicate carotid artery or coronary plaque build up .. Ignore the symptoms at you own risk .. I did and ended up having to have Bilateral Endarterectomies one on each carotid and a year later double bypass open heart surgery .