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If you need an organization to collect your neighboring rights worldwide, I have a great one. PM me and I can send you their info. There are no neighboring rights collection organizations here in the US since the US broadcasters do not pay it. I believe internet radio now pays neighboring rights and Sound Exchange collects and pays them for artists/performers in the US. But for traditional broadcast there aren't any in the US.
Wow. Been in the biz for nearly two decades and never heard of NR! I have about 1200 copyrights going back many years, all with major libraries. You reckon it could be worthwhile then?

Would you mind if I PM'd you for the info on an organization to collect them? You seem to have a great knowledge of the industry and I would place alot of value on your recommendation. I am based in the UK btw.

p.s. A colleague just asked me if this would annoy publishers. I don't understand it enough to answer but anyone a thought on that?

Many thanks.