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Compared with the original, there seem to have been a few minor design misfires in the first round of System-500 modules. At least from the perspective of emulating the original.

If I'm not mistaken (I often am, and love being wrong! It's so exciting!), the 100M delay was at its best when used in stereo pairs; that's where the magic happened (happens). The 572 should have tried to supply same, if possible. I'd guess getting two 572s might head in the same direction, but at that point it's too expensive, especially with the need to sacrifice a filter somewhere in your modular to filtering out the clock noise. I know, hindsight is always 20/20.....

And the envelope times, yeah.

Oh well, they are what they are, and have their own qualities; it's the usual story of work with what's there, or move on. Respect the design intentions and leverage them, or find something else closer to what you were expecting.

The hot module of the next batch, I think, will be the SH-5-like filter, along with the mixer/preamp: the former for sweet sound, the latter for utility. I personally hope the lag/portamento/noise/S&H utility module will be something distinctive and classic in sound, too. We'll see!