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Old 10th May 2018
Here for the gear

I use BandHelper, which I'm very happy with.

I used backing tracks with PC-based sequencers sending MIDI to a rack of synths, drum machine (and lights) for many years starting in the 80s. So in recently re-booting my duo act it took a while to warm up to the idea of pre-producing the backing tracks from a DAW into plain audio files, then just playing the audio files live. (Mostly fear of losing the ability to tweak the mix of the backing track instruments on the fly.) But now I find it to be much more reliable and convenient than the old DAW/sequencer-driven method, and I don't mind the lack of live granular backing track mixing (which realistically we never did much anyway!). And having synchronized lyrics and 'cheat sheets' displayed on your mic stand... priceless!

Now if I can just get the lights driven by MIDI... my latest inclination is to use Luminair software running in the background on an iPad, receiving MIDI from BandHelper, and transmitting ArtNet wirelessly to a simple Wi-Fi router and ethernet-DMX box.