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Old 8th May 2018
You may have noticed that you are getting a lot of emails from all over the Web about privacy settings and email subscriptions. This is because of the new EU GDPR privacy law. So we are sending out the emails too! Please continue to subscribe it's the best way for us to tell you about competitions, q&a guests and other interesting news.

New gear pricing. We are now showing gear prices if our participating vendors sell it. Hopefully this will make for a cool addition and provide an at a glance view on how much recording gear costs.

Sweetwater's Lynn Fuston is doing another of his very careful gear shout outs this time classic mic simulators.

EM&P moderator Reptil (Jan) has been to Superbooth Berlin follow his visit via our youtube channel.

We are hoping to get some big names in RAP for q&a soon.

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