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I have been searching for information regarding using Harrison MIXBUS for film post production work and am not finding much. I see there is an Ardour plug in for OMF and AAF importing. I also read some cryptic commentary on the video player within MIXBUS maybe not working correctly.

I already own MIXBUS and yes, I could test this stuff out, I suppose, but I do not want to buy a plug in for nothing and I do not want to commit a bunch of time on a client's project to find out these answers or anything else regarding using this DAW for post production if there are other users who can talk about the experience.

If no one else can or will comment on the subject, maybe I will try working on a short project in the spirit of research.

Any information is helpful. Thanks.
If you are on a deadline I'd strongly suggest sticking with a boring mainstream post solution.

Mixbus can technically do some post, however I found that to do everything one might want for a simple post project felt like using a desk chair to reach a shelf instead of a step stool.

Too much of a wobbly balancing act for my taste. Use a step stool.