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As far as synth/music electronics companies go, I think (no trolo) that the only honest way to describe what Behringer has been doing on the business and manufacturing side is innovation.

Roland has had ample opportunity to do what Behringer's done, but it seems like they're almost pathologically incapable of listening to their customer base. Moog, as much as I admire the idealism of their business, have been focusing on hand-building instruments with through-hole parts as though the past 40 years haven't happened. Behringer, on the other hand, have been following what's happened in the rest of consumer electronics and bringing those advances to music technology.

Why do I never see anyone moaning about "ripping off other people's hard work" when some rando in a garage puts a Moog filter in a Eurorack module and sells it for 400 euros? But the basic circuitry is just one part of the product, the real engineering work is in making everything around it. There's an art to getting something all the way from back-of-the-napkin design to boxes in the shops, and Behringer master it.