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I don't mean to be rude, but I think if you sit quietly for a moment and think about it, the meaning might come to you.

I love Roland and Korg, have a Korg Odyssey FS and Kronos sitting right beside me, and not one Behringer product here.

But I don't think it's rocket science to understand what just happened to Korg and Roland.
I think Korg will have to review its Karp, and maybe MS-20 if Behringer does that too, but that's about it really. These kind of more straight up reissues is not something Roland or Korg were into, their takes on analog and revisiting classics is quite different.

The real pressure coming from Behringer is the price/performance ratio they can hit, and we'll only see the full force of that when they start to bring out more original designs (Neutron, part of Deepmind). Against that you need to differentiate/innovate and not go head to head in a who-can-sell-cheapest competition. Both Korg and Roland know that, that's why they're already well invested in various tech platforms.

From their point of view, I'm pretty sure this is old news. They saw it coming.