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If you’re looking for a high channel count, high resolution I/O to couple with an analog board, where the preamps of the board do that job and the I/O is simply I/O, then look at Echo AudioFire 12. I love this unit! It’s simple and the routing is configurable via dedicated software matrix. I’ve always been surprised that most units try to integrate pre-amps and high-impedance inputs and all this stuffed into one unit. If you like the workflow of an analog board and need good I/O between the computer, Echo Audiofire 12 is great!!!!
I used two of these for few years, they're useless compared to real interfaces. Routing is a joke, for example when daisy chaining you can't (or at least you couldn't the last time I used them) send input from second interface to the output of the first one. They are very unstable, I had problems with drops even on the Audiofire 2 which I also had, not to mention two AF12 daisy chained which never really worked. They use ancient firewire connection. Drivers are old and not updated for the last 4 years now. Reselling value is zero at this point. Don't buy it, save yourself a headache.