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Lives for gear

have been using a tannoy 5.1 set-up for ca. 25 years.
system10dmt + sub15 (active sub, came later)

pls make dmt's again! make both passive and active versions, passive versions switchable for bi-amping, speakon inputs, active versions with lab/lake built in, with analog, aes and dante inputs (analog on combo, aes on xlr and bnc), make a dmt 3-way speaker (coax hi/mid, low whatever design but go low enough)!

publish precise specs, reintroduce sub15 with enhancements (i replaced mine with kh810) or make dmt subs (of different sizes/speaker diameters), have lake/lab integration including measurement options, make a lab/lake studio monitor controller, add 'target curves', have some programmable buttons/knobs on the controller.

would help to cut down my equipment (yamaha dme64n/icp1, my-lake, dlp, lm44, lab c20:8) quite a bit...

anyway, pls tell us where to send the invoice...

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