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One of my Daughter's Rokit 5's, started to malfunction, a few weeks ago, the speaker took 30 seconds to produce audio but then was fine, until today, there's a distortion/buzzing in the low end and mid range, and the volume pot on the back of the speaker doesn't work, volume remains the same.
I've just started to relearn electronics after 35 years, so I have a soldering/hot air station and a multi-meter, so I am going to attempt a repair,does this sound like bad caps to you guys?

so I opened it up and had a good look, but could see nothing obvious, not to much gunk, no bulging caps,no corroded resistors
anybody have any thoughts?

Hey Lorez22,

you should definitely try replacing the two capacitors in the middle of the bigger board (should be 1000uF 35V) and while you're at it, measure the resistor between the two big capacitors on the same board. Does it still measure with 2.2k? If not, replace that too.

That's what I did yesterday and it completely fixed my static/crackling noise.
(I live in the Germany and my noise was at 100Hz)

For the faulty volume pot, I have to quote Stephen Scutt from EEVblogs comment section on YouTube:

Originally Posted by Stephen Scutt
G2's are also notorious for the volume pot failing. To fix that you desolder it and tighten the lugs with a pair of pliers and bingo, its fixed. Resolder it and your pot is as good as new!!!"