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MIDI to DMX Controller, fade-time capable?

I’m looking for a lighting controller or interface box that supports the following for my band that plays with a backing track and synchronized MIDI:
  1. DMX output
  2. MIDI input to control at minimum:
    - Selection of previously programmed scenes
    - Changes to the fade speed (between programmed scenes from immediate to slower cross-fades)
  3. Can operate in playback without a PC (i.e., works fine with any MIDI input source; no need for a PC during live performance). The unit will be racked and not physically manipulated during performances.
  4. Pre-programming of scenes can be by any method it supports… integrated sliders/buttons, PC sw, tablet sw, etc. (I’m not picky since this will never be done in a live show)
I've found controllers that do most of the above, but they seem to be missing the MIDI control over fade speed. (I’d like some songs to transition immediately between scenes, but others do so slowly.)

Any ideas, or am I missing something about dealing with fade times?