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Old 1st May 2018
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How helpful good an academic degree be?

Hey there, I'm from Iran and I`m planning to emigrate. I`ve been working in music industry for about 10 years and I want to pursue my career there (preferably Canada).

I`ve learned music on my own, using supplementary such as
I`ve been playing electric guitar for about 10 years and I also am somehow professional at composing. audio engineering and ...(no degree but I`m pretty goood at them since I`ve massively self-studied)
Considering what I`ve mentioned, I need to know how helpful could an academic DEGREE in music be to get through this industry there. Is it a MUST? Or just preferable? Can I get through it by the knowledge and experience I`ve got?

If it is a MUST, since I`m not able to attend courses in person, would it be a good idea to pass online courses at Berklee? How effective would that be?

I really need a thorough answer as I have searched upon it but got no reliable source.

Thank you in advance