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Bitwig is not free.

Haven't used but I would definitely check Ardour. In fact I will check it myself.

UPDATE: the "free" (demo) version of Ardour has some annoying BS where it goes silent off and on. Lame. Pass.[...]
Open Source doesn't automatically mean 'free of charge' or 'unlimited'. Still, the source code is free to download, if you want to compile it yourself. Additionally pre-compiled packages can be downloaded for a donation of any amount! Even a one time donation of only 1$ will give you full access to the current build and all future builds until the next major release.

I can only encourage anyone to decide how much giving it a try is worth to you and get the pre-built version right away, instead of the demo. If you like it, great! And noone's stopping you from making additional donations in the future, if you want to support the project.
And if you find, that Ardour is not your cup of tea, you haven't lost much and still gave some bucks to an important project.