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Wow - I can't believe that's a 58 on Buddy's vocals. Awesome. I can just imagine everyone set up and recording that album. I figured he was using Fender Bassmans on that, although at the time live he was playing Victoria amps cranked all the way up which sounded pretty unreal...

Obviously, you seem to be a fan of putting large diaphragm condensers on guitar cabs. Any newer non-Neumann mics that you think stack up to the vintage U67 or U87 on guitar cabs?

Since you're a Little Feat fan, ever heard the 1974 Robert Palmer album "Sneaking Sally Through The Alley"? It's got Lowell George on slide gtr, and Zigaboo Modeliste on drums, and just has this vibe like it was all recorded after midnight in New Orleans somewhere. (This was way before Robert Palmer turned all 80s pop). Just discovered it two months ago (while searching the web for info on the Back In Black snare drum sound, interestingly enough) and can't seem to stop listening to it...

I haven't really found anything that compares with the Neumanns. Of course with careful positioning other mics will do but ......!

Yes, I have heard Sneaking Sally - it was recorded my my good friend Phill Brown who was also at Island Studios. Great album.