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I had a friend who does audio engineering out in KC tell me something that kind of helped that I need to find "my people" and he didn't mean that by other trans people he meant by a group of people that are cool and want to make music with me. So really my question is, how do I find my people?
Greetings, metalhippyqueen !!

i am also in kansas city (MO), but, im currently having problems of a different sort, other than being trans. The major problem is what i call The Trifecta; finances, transportation, and living/working space-area. Im lacking in all three, and its annoying as all heck. Fixing one, would cascade into the other two, thus solving all 3 problems.

im having real trouble even getting started in making music, such as being able to finish filling out the synth spread i have at present (because former room mate apparently liked to lift the power cables ?). Much to my great annoyance, i may yet have to (Dread and Woe !) be reduced to having to use the softsynths that i've downloaded as a Plan F.

as to your problem metalhippyqueen, well, i would agree with what was previously said; stick to it being about the music, and if anyone gets bent that you're a trans woman, then, time to move along.