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Old 29th April 2018
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I have Sennheiser HD650's for checking mixes and a pair of HD280s for tracking and vice editing but to be honest my most used headphones for years have been a pair of HD-590s that I got for $8 at a thrift shop back in 2006, and it comes down to the fact that they are easily, by a huge margin, the most comfortable, least fatiguing headphones I've ever used (which includes a decent chunk of this list and a fair number of other things over the years, at just about every quality point). The 650s sound better and plenty of other headphones I've tried sound better (which isn't to say the 590s sound bad), but I can (and often have) worked for 10+ hours with those 590s and they never seem to get uncomfortable, either in terms of actual it or in terms of needing to rest my ears. It's a shame they were discontinued.

Unless you need isolation for tracking I'd say a used pair of 590s with a new set of ear pads (still available last year, not sure about now) over the Sonys, AKGs or any of the sealed Sennheisers. A well preserved pair should cost a bit less than a pair of HD20s and they're much better.