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Old 29th April 2018
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I haven't been using my A1 as much this last 6 months, basically since I got other options, and when I briefly have it's just been to flick through presets when i'm working on a track, and I must say it wasn't going it for me.

Too 'clean', and 'cutting', and while the Lead's very much do have a place in a studio for when that's needed, it is seldom what i'm looking for these days.

However, i've taken some time today and last week to actually programme some of my own patches on for the first time in ages and I was very pleasantly surprised about what I was easily getting from it, and that's before I started stacking the layers.

I have have a love for deep dark moody synth parts and I was even getting some of the grit I used to feel the A1 lacked by using FM and the drive stages more.

This is my best all Nord A1 piece so far:

And I liked how with not a lot of work I am also able to get it to produce good bass, dark low end parts, and weird effects.